About Us Fast International Cargo Services

Who We Are

We are reputable shipping and logistics company with branches in over 70 countries. We deliver top notch services and have over 15 years in shipping and logistics. We boast of a rich set of experienced team members who has the best interest of our customers at heart always. Our support system is fully functional 24/7 and always available to answer to your every inquiry. Fastlink Diplomatic Courier Servicewas established in the year 2000 and became fully operational by 2003. Delivery is what we do best

What We Do

We handle every kind of shipping, logistics and courier services. We offer close range moving services too (Our offices around you can handle your moving worries). We deliver by Air, Sea, Road etc

Board of Directors

Tom Walker

President Director

Amanda Trust

Refining Director

Emma Stone

Finance Director

James Doe

Marketing Director

Why Choose Us

Customer Satisfication Tools

Our customers have always rated us 100%. This is due to our excellent customer services, we never dissappoint.

Management & Reporting

Get all meta data and real time information about your shipment. We provide top notch management reporting

ECH Payment Options

Our Payment options are as flexible as can be and easy. Choose from our standard payment options and pay on the go. Bitcoin Accepted too.

Compliance Solutions

Having been in the business with vast experience, we are careful to conform and comply with every rule there is to carriers. This keeps your shipment safer.